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Contextualized data and analytics for the blockchain ecosystem

Enriched and contextualized data that gives insight, not just numbers
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The only analytics solution that maps flows and contextualizes blockchain transaction data between protocols.

We do this through coverage of whole blockchains from genesis onwards, and through three interlinked products:

Complete blockchain coverage:

A state- and storage-based approach to blockchain data
Three levels of data sophistication - Raw, Decoded and Semantic
Three time horizons - historic, live and future simulation

Three interlinked products:

Transaction Decoders (e.g. EthTx and StarkTx)
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Contextualized Data via API and marketplaces
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Trackers, GUIs and Visualizations
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A comprehensive approach to blockchain data

In the two examples below for Uniswap v2 and OasisDEX Protocol, you can see how our contextualized data feed can be used to create custom dashboards and analysis at the market, token and individual ETH address level:
Exchange Data Graph

Liquidity provision and withdrawal on Uniswap v2 during September 2020:

Our contextualized data allows you to see a block-by-block breakdown of which ETH address provided or withdrew liquidity to an AMM for any token and for any date range.

What makes Token Flow Insights unique?

Robust data stack with nodes, custom processors and ETLs, cloud data warehouse, data quality assurance
Business orientated semantics that interpret the logic behind transactions
Smart decoding, classification, labelling and clustering

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