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Decoded and fully queryable blockchain history

Query any event, call, transaction, balance, state or storage diff from genesis
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What would you build if you had a blockchain time machine that allowed you to reliably and dynamically query anything that happened throughout a blockchain’s history?

We do this through coverage of whole blockchains from genesis onwards, and through three interlinked products:

Complete blockchain coverage:

A state- and storage-based approach to blockchain data
Three levels of data sophistication - Raw, Decoded and Semantic
Three time horizons - historic, live and future simulation

Three interlinked products:

Transaction Decoders (e.g. EthTx and StarkTx)
Contextualized Data via API and marketplaces
Trackers, GUIs and Visualizations

Our investors

We are backed by leading Web3 and DeFi investors:
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What makes Token Flow unique?

More data than is available from a full archive node - including full state diffs, pre-hashed storage diffs, storage reads and reverts which allow powerful querying of a full blockchain’s history
Automatic decoding of all smart contracts with ABI and Storage Layout for contracts with source code, and approximation for many contracts where verified source code is not available
Flexible options for building on top of our data via direct data warehouse access APIs and your own visualization tools which can be easily integrated with our data warehouses

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