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Blockchain Datasets

Complete blockchain history accessible through relational datasets, purposefully designed for seamless querying. Fully decoded information, including state and storage diffs, without whitelisting specific smart contracts. Say farewell to time-consuming deciphering the underlying data and shift your focus towards harnessing the insights that truly matter, in the environment of your choice.


AnyTx Transaction Decoder

Leverage the power of the Token Flow Blockchain Datasets with AnyTx, our advanced transaction decoder. Effortlessly extract, understand, verify, and analyze blockchain transaction data, including state and storage diffs, in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


Insights Platform (coming soon)

Comprehensive toolkit, specifically designed to allow you explore and analyze Token Flow Blockchain Datasets, without external tools or subscriptions. Gain full control over your data exploration journey with our pre-defined dashboards or create your own. Or go technical with SQL queries to get blazing fast insights.

From genesis to the head of the chain

Our powerful data flow in numbers

We process


transactions daily

We manage


raw blockchain data

We decode


smart contracts monthly
Multiple data access options for a seamless experience

Choose your path to blockchain insights

Direct Data Access

Complete blockchain history accessible through relational datasets, purposefully designed for seamless querying.

Data APIs (coming soon)

Accelerate your data integration efforts by connecting to our extensive collection of high-quality datasets via our Data APIs. 

Web Interface

Explore the blockchain like never before with our comprehensive toolkit. Without external tools or subscriptions.

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