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Token Flow Insights was born from a simple idea - that the blockchain ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex and interlinked, but that as open protocols on public blockchains that this complex web of interactions and transactions can be deciphered, classified and contextualized through robust data analysis and deep blockchain understanding.

We are a team of data scientists, blockchain engineers, and product developers who have worked in both traditional markets and in the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. We bring this combined experience together to create Token Flow Insights with the mission to give blockchain ecosystem participants the analytical tools, contextualized data and insight that they need to deeply understand and navigate the maze of on-chain activities.


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Tomasz Mierzwa

Co-Founder & Chief Data Wizard

Senior Information Architect with over 20 years of experience in employing data assets to support business strategies and decision processes. Specializes in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Quality Management and Data Governance. Utilizes his broad know-how from traditional, regulated finance world to build data-related products for DeFi ecosystem.

Arran Kitson Image

Arran Kitson

Co-Founder & CEO

Senior Product Manager with 15 years' structured trading and investment experience, including market, fundamental and transaction analysis in new markets and products. Worked in venture and product roles in the blockchain ecosystem for the last 5 years, including projects in DeFi, DEXs, Digital Securities, Asset Management and analytics.

Karol Chojnowski Image

Karol Chojnowski

Senior Data Engineer

Software engineer, experienced in python, go and ts. Strong experience in data and bug fixing. Thai boxing enthusiast.

Piotr Rudnik Image

Piotr Rudnik

Data Engineer

Python software developer, linux enthusiast. Experienced in financial technology and everything around programming and software development.

Riccardo Maganza Image

Riccardo Maganza

Data Engineer

Data Scientist by background but a coder at heart. Combining experience from pure research, commercial industry, and consulting to help get insights from data. Before Token Flow Riccardo worked at CERN and Gucci. Avid trading card game player, deeply interested in video games, music, and finance.

Daniel Forte Marques Image

Daniel Forte Marques

Fullstack Developer

Software Engineer with experience in the financial industry. Daniel loves creating new software and learn new technologies. Also a creative mind passionate about dance.

Sam Lecoultre Image

Sam Lecoultre

Operations Manager

Senior experience in one of the Big 4 accounting and advisory companies, providing auditing, strategy and transaction services. Samuel is an organizer with a passion for finance, people, technology and getting things done.

Léna Consigny Image

Léna Consigny

Marketing and Communications Manager

Graphic Designer and Art Director with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Sustainability Management. Lena combines a creative mind with marketing and management skills to develop marketing and communication concepts and strategies.

Damian Dudzicz Image

Damian Dudzicz

Associate Data Engineer

Software Engineer with a background in Machine Learning. Passionate about Big Data and Decentralized Systems. Damian enjoys toying with Neural Networks and hiking in the Greater Zurich Area.


Bartek Kiepuszewski Image

Bartek Kiepuszewski

Co-Founder & Blockchain Advisor

Software architect with over 20 years of experience in distributed systems. Previously a blockchain architect at MakerDAO, responsible for Oasis suite of products, OasisDEX, liquidity ecosystem research, multichain and layer 2 technologies.

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