Decoded Ethereum data added to the Token Flow Beta Program

A sample of decoded calls and events for Ethereum during April 2022 is now available for Beta testers.

A sample of decoded Ethereum data is now available

Since launching the Beta program for the Ethereum Data Warehouse we have seen huge interest in our full history of Raw data for Ethereum which includes not just calls, events, transactions and blocks but also state-diffs, storage-diffs, storage reads and reverts.

Today we are pleased to announce that our first sample of Decoded data has been added to the Beta program. This is the Raw data that has been decoded with the Smart Contract ABI and Storage Layout, that adds human readable names, parameters and types to our data, and is applied to all smart contracts on Ethereum rather than just a pre-approved subset of contracts.

Again delivered through Snowflake Data Marketplace, by joining the Beta program from today participants will have access to the full history of Decoded events and calls for Ethereum that occurred during the month of April 2022.

In the next few weeks we will also be adding Decoded state-diffs to the Beta program and will later add options to subscribe to an automatically updated full decoded history of Ethereum from genesis to the current day.

How to sign up

You can find full information on how to sign up for the Beta program in our previous launch blog here. For those that are already signed up for the Beta you can find the new listing in our Snowflake Data Marketplace page here.

Access to the Beta is provided under our Terms of Service and your Beta sign-up information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will be used only for communication and updates in relation to the Beta program.

Share what you build

We have already seen our Raw data used for a wide range of use cases – including analysis of oracle prices, smart contract exploits, the Merge, and visualization of smart contract interactions.

We want to see what you can build with our Decoded data – please share any outputs you create on social media, tagging Token Flow and with the hashtags #EthereumDecoded and #EthereumDataWarehouse.

How to give us feedback

We will occasionally ask you for feedback during the Beta program through questionnaires sent to the email address that you sign up with.

You can send us feedback or bug reports at any time using the dedicated support channel in our Discord server.

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