Ethereum Data Warehouse: Transitioning from Beta to Better

We’re super excited to say that that Ethereum Data Warehouse (EDW) has graduated from beta phase and is now fully live – and ready to empower you with an even better data experience!

So what’s new? 

Our focus has been on enhancing the usability of data and making queries simpler and more effective. Let’s dive into the key changes:

For those who have been with us since the beta days, we’ve got you covered with a migration guide available in our documentation. We’ve already started the process of sunsetting the old beta dataset, so ensure a smooth transition to the new EDW before November.

Get access to Ethereum Data Warehouse 

EDW is now available through Snowflake Marketplace as a part of our Ethereum Data Wizard package. Not convinced our data meets your needs? Don’t take our word, try it out for yourself. Explore our demo package, which features a 7-day snapshot of Ethereum data, complete with state and storage diffs, and our business datasets.

Going forward, EDW will be available through our paid plans. You can find the updated pricing details on our website, but don’t hesitate to reach out to dicuss custom offering.

What’s next?

We have a few surprises in store till the end of the year that will further improve the way our data is accessible to you (Big Query fans keep an eye out). Going forward, you can also expect more chains and – of course – more decoded data. 

Lastly, massive kudos for your incredible support during the beta phase. We received tons of valuable feedback – with hundreds of users and tens of thousands of queries being run we were able to significantly improve our product.

Stay curious, stay data-hungry, and get ready for the next chapter in the world of Token Flow data!

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