Ethereum and StarkNet
Beta Program open

We are happy to announce that our Ethereum Data Warehouse and StarkNet Data Warehouse Beta programs are now open for users to sign up.

EDW and SDW Betas are live

Following up on our recent announcement and previews of the Ethereum Data Warehouse, we are pleased to invite testers to sign up for access to the Betas of both the Ethereum Data Warehouse (EDW) and the new StarkNet Data Warehouse (SDW).

Both datasets are provided via the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Instructions on how to sign up, and how to give us feedback during the Beta phase are provided below.

Access to the Beta is provided under our Terms of Service and your Beta sign-up information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will be used only for communication and updates in relation to the Beta programs.

We look forward to seeing what you build on top of the datasets! Make sure to tag us on social media with anything that you create and share.

How to sign up

We have prepared a one page summary of how to get started with Snowflake Data Marketplace and access the Beta datasets.

You can access the onboarding summary here.

How to give us feedback

We will occasionally ask you for feedback during the Beta program through questionnaires sent to the email address that you sign up with.

You can send us feedback or bug reports at any time using our contact form and there is a dedicated support channel in our Discord server.

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