Announcing the Ethereum Data Warehouse Beta Program

The limited Beta program for the Ethereum Data Warehouse, a fully queryable history of the Ethereum blockchain built on a performant cloud data warehouse, will soon launch.
After months of working in shadows we are proud to announce the Ethereum Data Warehouse (EDW). It is a full queryable history of the Ethereum blockchain with everything that you can get from a full node and much, much more.

EDW is based on the Snowflake cloud and as a result is highly performant. It has the full history since Genesis and is constantly updated with the head of the chain (~15 blocks lag is enforced to minimize the impact of reorgs).

It contains everything that other providers have: full blocks data, transactions, events and internal calls. What others do not have is the relation between an event and the call that emitted it, so you can actually see where it resides in the processing tree.

But this is just the beginning. We also collect all state and storage diffs (11.5B rows) and all storage reads (15.6B rows). And what’s more important is that they are all pre-hashed which means that you see all mapping keys and finally you can iterate through hashmaps.

In practice it radically changes the approach to reporting and analyzing contract history, because you no longer have to aggregate events to get the state (e.g. token holders and balances) but you can just query the state directly. It is much faster and infinitely more reliable.

And one more thing – we also have reverted events and storage diffs, i.e. the cases when a contract emitted an event or changed its storage but it was reverted and thus not permanently stored. So you can also see when somebody ‘tried’ to do something and did not succeed.

Simple use cases include: iterating on any token holders, showing the history of protocol parameters, seeing all previous implementations of the upgradeable proxy, checking which contracts store your address, checking which contracts use your address for addressing storage .. the potential is mind blowing.

We are now preparing the limited beta program for users to test the data and provide us feedback. If you are interested in getting early access or to request a demo drop us a line drop us a line as more details are coming soon.

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