Optimism Data Warehouse is live
(state and storage diffs included)

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to Token Flow’s comprehensive blockchain datasets – Optimism.

Adding Optimism to Token Flow’s dataset marks the beginning of a new era, as we expand our Layer 2 chain coverage. OP Mainnet has grown rapidly since its inception, with over $3.2bn TVL (from our friends at L2Beat), and a vibrant community and ecosystem that surrounds it and the emerging OP Stack and Superchain. With a minimal extension to existing Ethereum software, OP Mainnet is a beacon of seamless scalability, providing a cost-effective solution for Ethereum applications.


New possibilities for in-depth on-chain analysis

In a competitive field where data reigns supreme, Token Flow emerges as the top choice for unparalleled insights into a chain’s state, and as a tool to answer complex questions. Our journey began with Ethereum and StarkNet, refining our approach to provide users with the utmost quality and completeness in data. Now, we’re doing the same for Optimism.

Events and Calls in Context

We focus on understanding the full picture by considering context, especially when looking at the past. With our datasets, you can easily connect events to the calls that caused them, making analysis more complete and reliable. To gain a more nuanced understanding of on-chain activities, you can also see reverted events and calls.

State of the Chain at Any Given Point in History

We reprocessed the entire Optimism chain, from genesis to head, capturing every state and storage change, irrespective of the contract. This meticulous process guarantees a full historical record.

Want to track changes in slot X for contract Y? That’s easy. Verify prev_value -> curr_value streams for a complete timeline. Our storage diffs, provided in a pre-hashed form, even cover hashmaps or dynamic arrays, ensuring slot and keys information is always available. 

The same goes for historical balances – all you need is the slot number storing this info. This makes balance and similar queries much more reliable and straightforward to run than traditional events- and calls-based analysis.

Decoding All Contracts

Our journey doesn’t stop at raw data. Token Flow’s decoding process, deeply rooted in contract code analysis, goes the extra mile. It replaces addresses and signatures with proper labels, slot numbers with variable names, casts keys and values to proper types, ensuring precise interpretation. And we’re always iterating to enhance accuracy and completeness.

We provide the insights you need, precisely when you need them, making us your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of blockchain data. Join us in confidently exploring the richness of Optimism’s OP Mainnet, knowing that your data needs are not just met but exceeded.

Start exploring Token Flow Optimism Data 

Don’t just take our word for it – explore our sample data set in Snowflake. To get started, you can find our documentation here

Welcome to a new era of blockchain data! #OptimismDecoded powered by Token Flow.

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and a seamless data journey with Token Flow! Be sure to follow us on twitter and join our mailing list for updates and release news.

Note on data scope: This initial release covers post-Bedrock data (block_number > 105235064), with the rest of the data being loaded incrementally going backward in time to Genesis, over the next weeks. 

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