Announcing Token Flow

Token Flow Insights SA has been founded with the aim of becoming the leading provider of contextualised data for the DeFi ecosystem.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation and launch of Token Flow Insights SA, a company incorporated in Switzerland with the goal of being the leading provider of contextualized data and analytics for the DeFi liquidity ecosystem.

Our vision for Token Flow

Token Flow Insights was born from a simple idea – that the DeFi ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex and interlinked, but that as open protocols on public blockchains that this complex web of interactions and transactions can be decoded, classified and contextualized through robust data engineering and deep protocol understanding.

Put simply, our vision is to become the leading provider of contextualized data and analytics to the DeFi ecosystem.

There are a number of data and analytics products in the ecosystem, many of which are excellent resources, but we see Token Flow Insights as being unique for the following main reasons:

About the team

We bring together a team of data, blockchain and product developers that have been building DeFi and data analytics products for leading organizations in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as in traditional markets.

Until the end of May 2021, the core team worked together in the Product, Oasis and Data Services teams of the Maker Foundation where we delivered various protocol specific internal datasets and externally-facing tools such as the MCD Vaults Tracker and MCD Voting Tracker as well as the Ethereum transaction decoder EthTx.

Since leaving the Foundation we have been planning and launching Token Flow Insights, while continuing to develop new datasets and products.

Our current focus

Continued involvement in MakerDAO

We remain enthusiastic supporters of the Maker Protocol and MakerDAO, and will continue to contribute our data and analytical skills as active members of the community.

As part of this involvement we have sought to open the discussion on the DAO’s data needs in the Maker Forum. We look forward to continuing this conversation with the community and finding a sustainable way to continue to support the various Core Units that we work with as well as the wider community.

Expanding our DeFi Ecosystem Coverage

Our data products will cover all of Decentralized Finance on Ethereum mainnet, Layer 2 and sidechains/scaling solutions. Our roadmap also includes adding other non-EVM based chains over time.

In the coming months we will release new products with our Token Tracker and DEX/Aggregator datasets expected to be the first to be launched beyond the initial Alpha and Beta testers.

Maintaining EthTx Transaction Decoder

Our team members developed EthTx, one of the most sophisticated and most used transaction decoders, during our time with the Maker Foundation. This has now been open sourced by the Dai Foundation.

We will continue to contribute to the development of EthTx, and will maintain an open source fork at as well as the EthTx Python package at Wider community contributions are welcome, particularly in adding semantics, and we will publish contribution guidelines in the near future.

We will also host an implementation of EthTx, including an easy to use front-end, at A community edition will continue to be maintained and will always remain without charge.

We are developing enhanced features, including covering more EVM-based chains as well as L2 and scaling solutions, and plan to launch an EthTx Pro version later this year for our power users who need much more than the current version allows.

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