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Contextualized analytics for the DeFi liquidity ecosystem

Enriched and contextualized data that gives insight, not just numbers
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The only analytics solution that maps flows and contextualizes blockchain transaction data between protocols.

We do this through coverage of the whole DeFi Ecosystem, and through three interlinked products:

Broad DeFi Ecosystem Coverage:

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and DEX Aggregators
Lending, borrowing and saving protocols
Yield farming and vaults

Three interlinked Products:

EthTx Transaction Decoder
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API provding contextualized and enriched data
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Dashboards for data visualization, fed by our enriched data API
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A comprehensive approach to DeFi data

In the two examples below for Uniswap v2 and OasisDEX Protocol, you can see how our contextualized data feed can be used to create custom dashboards and analysis at the market, token and individual ETH address level:
Exchange Data Graph

Liquidity provision and withdrawal on Uniswap v2 during September 2020:

Our contextualized data allows you to see a block-by-block breakdown of which ETH address provided or withdrew liquidity to an AMM for any token and for any date range.

What makes Token Flow Insights unique?

Combines on-chain and off-chain data
Quality assured and semantically enriched data
Sort and filter by endless combinations of date range, protocol, maker/taker, token etc
See the aggregate market or drill down to the individual maker, taker and transaction level of detail
See order, order book and cancellation data as well as the source of orders
See flows, trends, context and behaviour within and across protocols and markets that is not visible in simple daily price and volume data

Want to get contextualized analytics?

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