Token Flow and Argent announce blockchain data partnership

Argent will use Token Flow’s fully queryable blockchain history for its own analysis of on-chain activities.

Token Flow Insights SA and Argent Labs Ltd are pleased to announce their long-term partnership in the area of on-chain data and analytics.

Under the partnership Argent will use Token Flow’s fully queryable history for StarkNet, Ethereum, and in the future other chains for its own analysis of on-chain activities involving Argent wallets. Token Flow will also provide tailored training, integration, and technical support.

Speaking about the partnership, Gerald Goldstein, Co-Founder & CTO of Argent said:

Argent has always been focused on providing best in class customer experience, and thanks to our partnership with Token Flow, we’ll be able to dive a lot deeper in on-chain analysis, enabling us to take our award winning user experience to new heights.

Working together, Argent and Token Flow hope to identify products, features and datasets that will be of interest to the wider ecosystem.

The partnership has already delivered benefits to both parties with Argent having used Token Flow data for analyzing Argent wallets on StarkNet, and with Token Flow having been able to implement improvements to its Ethereum and StarkNet Data Warehouses.

Arran Kitson, Co-founder of Token Flow said:

We are delighted to be working with Argent, one of the most innovative and customer focused companies in the ecosystem, to help them to conduct deeper analysis of on-chain activities using our unique datasets for both Ethereum and StarkNet. We look forward to supporting them in their mission to make crypto and DeFi simple, safe and user-friendly.

Tomek Mierzwa, Co-founder and CTO of Token Flow said:

The real test for the semantically enriched datasets we create is their integration with the solutions of our clients and partners. Thanks to the cooperation with Argent, we can focus on building even better and even more useful data products.

About Token Flow

Token Flow Insights SA ( is a data and analytics company founded by former Maker Foundation team members and backed by leading Web3 and DeFi investors. Token Flow has a unique state- and storage-diff approach to blockchain data that allows its customers to dynamically query a whole blockchain’s history more reliably, efficiently and accurately than traditional event and call based blockchain analytics, whatever their use case.

To get started with our products visit our documentation, and to join us in building the leading provider of blockchain data and analytics visit our careers site.

About Argent

Argent is the first smart wallet for DeFi and Web3, allowing customers to securely buy, store and send crypto at low fees, earn high interest and trade tokens at the tap of a button. Founded in 2017, Argent has attracted more than 1M users, and raised more than $56 million in funding from tier one investors, including Paradigm, Index, Creandum, Fabric and Metaplanet.

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