Strategic partnership - Token Flow and StarkWare

Building on their successful cooperation to date, Token Flow and StarkWare announce a partnership to develop data and analytics tools for StarkNet.

Token Flow Insights SA is pleased to announce its multi-year strategic partnership with StarkWare Industries Ltd to bring data and analytics tools to the StarkNet Layer 2 ecosystem.

This builds on the successful cooperation to date which has resulted in the StarkTx Transaction Decoder and the StarkNet Data Warehouse ( “SDW”) which are currently in Beta.

Under the partnership Token Flow will continue to improve StarkTx and SDW and will develop a more comprehensive data architecture and set of tools and products for use by the rapidly growing StarkNet ecosystem.

Our work on StarkNet is a cornerstone of the multi-chain strategy outlined in our roadmap to provide decoded and contextualized data for rollups and scaling solutions to Ethereum.  

We look forward to continuing to work with StarkWare and the wider StarkNet community and developers to support their data and analytics needs at the protocol and application layers.

Feel free to add suggestions for new features and products for StarkNet using our contact page.

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